The MaSTr1325 dataset for training deep USV obstacle detection models

2019 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), IEEE, 2019
The progress of obstacle detection via semantic segmentation on unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) has been significantly lagging behind the developments in the related field of autonomous cars. The reason is the lack of large curated training datasets from USV domain required for development of data-hungry deep CNNs. This paper addresses this issue by presenting MaSTr1325, a marine semantic segmentation training dataset tailored for development of obstacle detection methods in small-sized coastal USVs. The dataset contains 1325 diverse images captured over a two year span with a real USV, covering a range of realistic conditions encountered in a coastal surveillance task. The images are per-pixel semantically labeled. The dataset exceeds previous attempts in this domain in size, scene complexity and domain realism. In addition, a dataset augmentation protocol is proposed to address slight appearance differences of the images in the training set and those in deployment. The accompanying experimental evaluation provides a detailed analysis of popular deep architectures, annotation accuracy and influence of the training set size. MaSTr1325 will be released to reaserch community to facilitate progress in obstacle detection for USVs.


<a href="">The MaSTr1325 dataset for training deep USV obstacle detection models</a>