MVL Lab5: Multi-modal Indoor Person Localization Dataset

Technical report, FE-LSV-02/12, Machine Vision Laboratory, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 2012
This technical report describes MVL Lab5, a multi-modal indoor person localization dataset. The dataset contains a sequence of video frames obtained from four calibrated and time-synchronized video cameras and location event data stream from a commercially-available radio-based localization system. The scenario involves five individuals walking around a realistically cluttered room. Provided calibration data and ground truth annotations enable evaluation of person detection, localization and identification approaches. These can be either purely computer-vision based, or based on fusion of video and radio information. This document is intended as the primary documentation source for the dataset, presenting its availability, acquisition procedure, and organization. The structure and format of data is described in detail, along with documentation for bundled Matlab code and examples of its use.


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