Mobile Robot Localization using an Incremental Eigenspace Model

ICRA 2002, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, 2002
When using appearance-based recognition for self-localization of mobile robots, the images obtained during the exploration of the environment need to be efficiently stored in the memory. PCA offers means for representing the images in a low-dimensional subspace, which allows for efficient matching and recognition. For active exploration it is necessary to use an incremental method for the computation of the subspace. We propose to use an incremental PCA algorithm with the updating of partial image representations in a way that allows the robot to discard the acquired images immediately after the update. Such a model is open-ended, meaning that we can easily update it with new images. We show that the performance of the proposed method is comparable to the performance of the batch method in terms of compression, computational cost and the precision of localization. We also show that by applying the repetitive learning, the subspace converges to that constructed with the batch method.


<a href="">Mobile Robot Localization using an Incremental Eigenspace Model</a>