Cost-Optimal Planning using Wighted MaxSAT

CAPS-2010 Workshop on Constraint Satisfaction Techniques for Planning and Scheduling Problems, 2010
We consider the problem of computing optimal plans for propositional planning problems with action costs. In the spirit of leveraging advances in general-purpose automated reasoning for that setting, we develop an approach that operates by solving a sequence of partial weighted MaxSAT problems, each of which corresponds to a step-bounded variant of the problem at hand. Our approach is the first SAT-based system in which a proof of cost optimality is obtained using a MaxSAT procedure. It is also the first system of this kind to incorporate an admissible planning heuristic. We perform a detailed empirical evaluation of our work using benchmarks from a number of International Planning Competitions.


<a href="">Cost-Optimal Planning using Wighted MaxSAT</a>