Incremental Model Selection for Detection and Tracking of Planar Surfaces

BMVC, 2010
Man-made environments are abundant with planar surfaces which have attractive properties and are a prerequisite for a variety of vision tasks. This paper presents an incremental model selection method to detect piecewise planar surfaces, where planes once detected are tracked and serve as priors in subsequent images. The novelty of this approach is to formalize model selection for plane detection with Minimal Description Length (MDL) in an incremental manner. In each iteration tracked planes and new planes computed from randomly sampled interest points are evaluated, the hypotheses which best explain the scene are retained, and their supporting points are marked so that in the next iteration random sampling is guided to unexplained points. Hence, the remaining finer scene details can be represented. We show in a quantitative evaluation that this new method competes with state of the art algorithms while it is more flexible to incorporate prior knowledge from tracking.


<a href="">Incremental Model Selection for Detection and Tracking of Planar Surfaces</a>