A Local-motion-based probabilistic model for visual tracking

Pattern Recognition, 2009
Color-based tracking is prone to failure in situations where visually similar targets are moving in a close proximity or occlude each other. To deal with the ambiguities in the visual information, we propose an additional color-independent visual model based on the target's local motion. This model is calculated from the optical flow induced by the target in consecutive images. By modifying a color-based particle filter to account for the target's local motion, the combined color/local-motion-based tracker is constructed. We compare the combined tracker to a purely color-based tracker on a challenging dataset from hand tracking, surveillance and sports. The experiments show that the proposed local-motion model largely resolves situations when the target is occluded by, or moves in front of, a visually similar object.


<a href="http://prints.vicos.si/publications/104">A Local-motion-based probabilistic model for visual tracking</a>