Incremental PCA for On-line Visual Learning and Recognition

ICPR 2002, IEEE Computer Society, 2002
The methods for visual learning that compute a space of eigenvectors by Principal Component Analysis (PCA) traditionally require a batch computation step. Since this leads to potential problems when dealing with large sets of images, several incremental methods for the computation of the eigenvectors have been introduced. However, such learning cannot be considered as an on-line process, since all the images are retained until the final step of computation of space of eigenvectors, when their coefficients in this subspace are computed. In this paper we propose a method that allows for simultaneous learning and recognition. We show that we can keep only the coefficients of the learned images and discard the actual images and still are able to build a model of appearance that is fast to compute and open-ended. We performed extensive experimental testing which showed that the recognition rate and reconstruction accuracy are comparable to those obtained by the batch method.


<a href="">Incremental PCA for On-line Visual Learning and Recognition</a>