Tracking Non-Rigid Objects by Combining Local and Global Visual Model

Proceedings of the Fourteenth Computer Vision Winter Workshop, 2009
We present an appearance-based tracker which hierarchically combines a global and a local visual model in two layers. The bottom layer contains the local part of the visual model and consists of a set of sub-trackers, each of them observing only a local aspect of the object. The top layer constrains and focuses the movement of individual sub-tracker by accounting for the global part of the model - the spatial relations between the trackers. The visual model is updated by modifying the spatial relations and by reinitializing the sub-trackers which do not follow the target. By reinitializing a single or a small number of sub-trackers the tracker can adapt only a part of its visual model to the new appearance of the object. This makes the tracker less vulnerable to drifting. The implementation of the two-layered tracker that uses a SSD template matching for the sub-trackers is presented and tested on a demanding data set of non-rigid objects.


<a href="">Tracking Non-Rigid Objects by Combining Local and Global Visual Model</a>