Creating Dynamic Story Plots with Continual Multiagent Planning

Proceedings of the Twenty-Fourth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), AAAI Press, 2010
An AI system that is to create a story (autonomously or in interaction with human users) requires capabilities from many subfields of AI in order to create characters that themselves appear to act intelligently and believably in a coherent story world. Specifically, the system must be able to reason about the physical actions and verbal interactions of the characters as well as their perceptions of the world. Furthermore it must make the characters act believably--i.e. in a goal-directed yet emotionally plausible fashion. Finally, it must cope with (and embrace!) the dynamics of a multiagent environment where beliefs, sentiments, and goals may change during the course of a story and where plans are thwarted, adapted and dropped all the time. In this paper, we describe a representational and algorithmic framework for modelling such dynamic story worlds, Continual Multiagent Planning. It combines continual planning (i.e. an integrated approach to planning and execution) with a rich description language for modelling epistemic and affective states, desires and intentions, sensing and communication. Analysing story examples generated by our implemented system we show the benefits of such an integrated approach for dynamic plot generation.


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