Geometrical accuracy of Bayer pattern images

International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision, 2005
Modern digital still cameras sample the color spectrum using a color filter array coated to the CCD array such that each pixel samples only one color channel. The result is a mosaic of color samples which is used to reconstruct the full color image by taking the information of the pixels’ neighborhood. This process is called demosaicking. While standard literature evaluates the performance of these reconstruction algorithms by comparison of a ground-truth image with a reconstructed Bayer pattern image in terms of grayscale comparison, this work gives an evaluation concept to asses the geometrical accuracy of the resulting color images. Only if no geometrical distortions are created during the demosaicking process, it is allowed to use such images for metric calculations, e.g. 3D reconstruction or arbitrary metrical photogrammetric processing.


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